Building Project: Our Vision

Building Project: Our Vision

We want to be Good News on the South side of Peebles, and the planned facilities at the King’s Meadow are a key part of that aim. So what does that mean in practice?   1:  The King’s Meadow building is a home for Peebles Baptist Church and is a place of worship, fellowship and [ more… ]


Building Project: Sustainability and Creation Care

Building Project: Sustainability and Creation Care

Over recent decades, people have become increasingly aware that our world is in trouble environmentally. For years, humankind has thoughtlessly just taken from the earth’s resources, not caring about whether or not this was sustainable, nor overly concerned about its effect on tomorrow. Slowly at first, the Christian church has become aware that it too [ more… ]


Prayer Diary – June 2018


Prayer Diary – May 2018


Prayer Diary – April 2018


Prayer Diary – March 2018


What happened to the magazine?

Because we were finding that very few people actually read the magazine, and because news and information is now published weekly on the Sunday newssheet, we decided to stop producing a monthly magazine in 2016. But who know what might happen in the future?


Prayer Diary – February 2018


Prayer Diary – January 2018


Prayer Diary – December 2017

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