Building Project: Painful Piles

Building Project: Painful Piles

Onlookers might have been forgiven for thinking we were drilling for oil on our land, but in fact this was a crucial part of the new building – hammering steel piles deep into the ground to strengthen the foundations. Our land at the edge of Victoria Park was originally a curling pond. Back in the [ more… ]


Building Project: Brrr…

Building Project: Brrr...

No work was scheduled for the building site this week – which was just as well, as Peebles went white for a few days.


Building Project: Groundworks begin

Building Project: Groundworks begin

Our stage 1 building warrant has now been issued, just in time for the groundworks to begin! Graham Irvine’s team have been “scraping” the site, and the piling mat has been put down – effectively a layer of hardcore to take the weight of the piling machines. Additionally, the lamp post at the entrance to [ more… ]


Building Project: The site is ready!

Building Project: The site is ready!

Under the direction of Gordon our Project Manager, a group of excited volunteers from the church erected the security fencing around the site today. Once done, we gathered on site to pray and dedicate the project to God. This is something that people have been waiting for and praying about for 30 years!


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Building Project: Planning Permission is in!

Building Project: Planning Permission is in!

After a lot more back and forwards debate than we’d anticipated, we thank God that planning permission has now finally been granted for the building! The changes that have been agreed include a clerestory window (a long, thin window all the way along the top of the roof) and some panelling in front of the [ more… ]


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