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Breakout: 7 – Count the Stories

Breakout: 7 - Count the Stories

Take a minute to read Acts 6:8 to 8:3 before watching this. We think of this as the story of Stephen, famously the first Christian martyr. But there are actually a surprising number of different stories intertwined here – and Stephen’s is not the central one.


Breakout: 6 – Injustice in the Early Church

Breakout: 6 - Injustice in the Early Church

As we reach part 6 of our series Breakout studying the book of Acts, we’re thinking about injustice in the early church, and the obvious link to injustice in the world today.


Breakout: 5 – The Sad Story of Ananias & Sapphira

Breakout: 5 - The Sad Story of Ananias & Sapphira

Acts chapter 5 does not make for happy reading – after a thrilling start for the Church in Jerusalem, they hit their first internal problem.


Breakout: 4 – Transformed & Emboldened

Breakout: 4 - Transformed & Emboldened

Jesus transformed Peter’s life and in Acts 4 we get a glimpse into that. His life presents us with both the challenge and encouragement that God loves us as we are but loves us so much He doesn’t leave us as we are. In Acts 4 we explore some of the ways Peter, and the [ more… ]


Breakout: 3 – Whole Healing

Breakout: 3 - Whole Healing

Being a beggar in first century Jerusalem was not good news. Even less so if you were unable to walk. But thanks to the Holy Spirit, Peter and John were about to change all that, for one man at least. We’ve reached Acts 3 in our series “Breakout”.


Breakout: 2 – Would the real gospel please stand up?

Breakout: 2 - Would the real gospel please stand up?

Acts 2, the story of Pentecost – but what’s that actually about? Is it about the Church? Is it about the Holy Spirit? Those things come into it – but the real star of the show is Jesus, and the theme is the Gospel.


Breakout: 1 – Are we there yet?

Breakout: 1 - Are we there yet?

We’re starting a new series looking at the book of Acts. The disciples start off, as they’ve done so often over the previous three years, asking the wrong question – “are we there yet?”


Acts part 13: Impossible

Acts part 13: Impossible

We’re coming to the end of the first half of the book of Acts, so this morning will be the last in the current series (until next year). But today we’ve got one more chance to see Peter and the church in Jerusalem, as they encounter once again the God of the impossible.


Acts part 12: Perspective

Acts part 12: Perspective

Do you remember “join-the-dots” puzzles? Sometimes they’re easy, but sometimes you can’t see what the picture is until you get the dots joined up. In our journey through the book of Acts, two people in today’s passage have some dots joined up for them by God, which gives them a radically new perspective on some [ more… ]


Acts part 10: Asleep

Acts part 10: Asleep

For the last two weeks in our series looking at the book of Acts, we’ve been talking about the events surrounding the death of Stephen. But what about his death (and life) itself? John Dalrymple considers Stephen’s “falling asleep” from a very personal perspective.

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