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Commissioned 2: Be Baptised

Commissioned 2: Be Baptised

We’re in a short series called “Commissioned”, looking at the Great Commission that Jesus gave to his followers in Matthew 28. This week we’re looking in particular at the part of that commission which tells us to baptise (and to be baptised). Baptism isn’t the objective – it’s an important step, but it’s right at [ more… ]


Baptism: What’s It All About?

Baptism: What's It All About?

Let’s be honest – when an otherwise perfectly normal human being announces to the world that they are going to be dunked fully under water in a public ceremony, most people would think that they’ve gone slightly loopy! Why would anyone want to do that?


Baptism – Buried with Christ

Baptism - Buried with Christ

Great celebrations as Carol was baptised today – even if it wasn’t in the river as originally planned! But why was Ian dressed for a funeral? This recording includes Carol’s testimony before she was baptised.


Follow Me!

Follow Me!

Why would you want to be a follower? And more specifically, why would you want to be a follower of Jesus Christ?


Identity: Baptism

Identity: Baptism