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Upside Down: 2 – The Best News Ever

Upside Down: 2 - The Best News Ever

We’re starting a new teaching series looking at the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ radical and completely counter-cultural words found in Matthew chapters 5-7. That famous sermon is widely acknowledged to be deeply influential – it has been read by more people, studied by more scholars, quoted by more writers, and has changed more lives [ more… ]


Flesh: 2 – Bad News Good News

Flesh: 2 - Bad News Good News

This is the third week of Advent – the season of preparation and waiting for Christmas and the coming of Immanuel, God with us. We’re continuing a series today taking a fresh look at what God meant – in the context of Jesus’ birth and life – when he used that phrase, and what it [ more… ]


Vital Signs: Good News!

Vital Signs: Good News!

If we’re really a healthy church, we’re going to be Good News to be around…