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The solution for sleepy gardeners?

The solution for sleepy gardeners?

After our last article in the Peeblesshire News, we had a phone call from John Irving of Advance Construction. They had five large raised beds which had been built for a development up in Edinburgh, but had gone unused. Would we like them, he asked, for £250? Two of us went up to have a [ more… ]


BUS Connect September 2013


Tools, glorious tools

Had a phone call this morning, from a lovely lady offering us about a gazillion hand tools for use in the King’s Meadow. She’d read about the garden in the PBC Newsletter that’s just gone out around the South side of Peebles, and saw our request for tools. We’re hoping to get groups like Brownies [ more… ]


PBC Newsletter – Summer 2013

This is being distributed to homes around the south side of Peebles.




For most people today, “hope” is something that is by definition optimistic and uncertain. But the the Bible talks about a hope that is “steadfast and certain” – what does that mean, in a society where change is the only certainty? Throughout our new teaching series we’ll be discovering how hope is central to the [ more… ]


First of the tatties emerge!

First of the tatties emerge!

Great excitement down at the King’s Meadow tonight as we dug up the first of the potatoes! Ok, I know in theory that potatoes grow underground – I’ve seen them before in my parents’ garden – but actually digging up the plants on our community garden and seeing dozens and dozens of shiny new potatoes [ more… ]


BUS Connect June 2013


Invading St Peter’s Summer Fete!

Invading St Peter's Summer Fete!

St Peter’s (the Episcopal church in Peebles) organised a summer fete on Tweed Green, and were kind enough to offer us a stall. We managed to raise a bit of money for the King’s Meadow (via sales of plants, hand made bunting, freshly cooked popcorn, and our magic apple peeling/coring/slicing machine), but far more importantly [ more… ]


June 2013 Magazine

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Who is on the Lord’s side? The Gas Board are, apparently.

Who is on the Lord's side? The Gas Board are, apparently.

We were out on the King’s Meadow this morning, digging holes for posts for the raised beds. Or at least, we were trying to dig holes. The hardcore lying under the surface makes scratching anything deeper than 3 inches a major challenge. “What we need,” I said to Andy as we sweated away with spade [ more… ]

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