Posted by Ian Gray

The bestselling, most widely translated book of all time. Written over a period of hundreds of years between 2 and 3 thousand years ago. For some people it’s the most important book there is – for others, it’s mysterious, magical, confused nonsense.Whatever you think about the Bible, the extreme reactions it gets do beg the question: Why? What’s all the fuss about? What is this book actually for, and what’s its relevance for us today? If you missed earlier sermons in this series, you can listen to them here.

Throughout 2013 we’re going to be dipping in and out of a teaching series called Bib-L, which aims to answer some of those questions. We’re also going to be studying the Bible together through the year with the E100 course – see here for details. Don’t worry if you come in partway through – it’s easy to join in.