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Creation Care

Over recent decades, people have become increasingly aware that our world is in trouble environmentally. For years, humankind has thoughtlessly just taken from the earth’s resources, not caring about whether or not this was sustainable, nor overly concerned about its effect on tomorrow.

Slowly at first, the Christian church has become aware that it too has a part to play in addressing the threat – indeed, that it has a responsibility placed upon it by God to take care of His creation.

The King’s Meadow site – not just the new building, but the garden as well – is designed with sustainability and care for the environment very much in mind.

The building will be powered by Solar energy, and will be heated by air source or ground source heat pumps. Income from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentives and Feed-in-tariffs will offset the running costs of the building. We are also looking at options for rainwater harvesting and water-reuse.

Although parking is available under the building, walking and cycling to the King’s Meadow is actively encouraged.

We work to organic principles in the garden, as well as composting and recycling – even the land is recycled, having once been a rubbish tip! Most of the timber and slabs have been donated and upcycled, as were the raised beds. We’ve got a long list of builders and other people that we’re really grateful to for donations of both new and used materials!


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