Community Garden Questionnaire

Peebles Baptist Church are setting up a Community Garden (the King’s Meadow) next to the Victoria Park, and we would really like to know what you think about the idea.

We own some land between the Victoria Park Centre and Cleland Avenue. One day we might plan to site a church building there, but for many years now the Victoria Park centre has been used very successfully as our meeting place on Sunday mornings. We have been thinking that we want to do something with the land in the meantime that will be of use to people living nearby, as well as other people around Peebles. We also think that we would really enjoy creating a garden for growing food and for other things. Our hope is that this garden would be used by local people, by people who live around the park, or who live in the care homes, by young people at school or in youth clubs, and by anyone with a special interest. In this way it would be a community garden. We would also like to grow food for the new Foodbank that will be starting soon in Peebles.