Posted by Lindsey Gray

A lovely time at the garden today. Help from Bill, Jennie, Rab and Sam, Lorna, Caitlin and Caleb, Dave, Jackie and Andy, Lindsey and Ian and Alexander. Donations of cakes and biscuits also from Jacqueline, Christine, Linda and Liz, Lorna, Jennie and a couple of packets of biscuits via the prayer meeting for next time. The big flasks worked a treat for the tea break.

Alexander had brought lavenders and carnations that he had grown on to put in the log beds.

It should be a bit more obvious where we are now: a new banner was up on the fence along the side path, and Ian, Andy, David and Alexander put up the new sign in the garden itself – sign and banner both printed by Nicki Bester.

Bill’s tree guards and stakes were fantastic and the crab apples, buddleia, cherry, silver birch, rowan are all in and staked, although we need maybe about 10 solid stakes to replace the canes which are a bit flimsy.

The “fedge” was put in by Lorna and Rab and it looks fantastic.

Caleb did a brilliant job of entertaining Sam, who was definitely in hero worship mode!

Margaret popped by to say hello with her neighbour, and Linda and Liz popped by at the end with Daisy to see us.

Things are beginning to take shape and it was a lovely morning together. The tools donated by Catriona’s dad got their first real outing today, and we had written up a tool safety sheet, and a sign in sheet for everyone to read and sign before taking part.

Next steps – the path membrane and pegs have been ordered, so as soon as they arrive (and once the planning permission comes through), we can get going with the type 1 and whindust path with some help offered by Andy and his helpers which is great.

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