Posted by Ian Gray

First tatties emerge

Great excitemExcited gardenersent down at the King’s Meadow tonight as we dug up the first of the potatoes! Ok, I know in theory that potatoes grow underground – I’ve seen them before in my parents’ garden – but actually digging up the plants on our community garden and seeing dozens and dozens of shiny new potatoes emerging was just extraordinary! One row netted a bucket full of baby new tatties – just waiting for some butter and salt…

WateringLots of invites to this Sunday’s barbecue handed out to the neighbouring houses as well, and some great conversations had with people coming over to the garden to see just what all the fuss is about. If you’re reading this because you’ve seen the sign at the garden and you want to know some more, why not come along this Sunday and find out – we’d love to see you! The BBQ is at 12.30(ish), after our special all-age service at 11am.



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