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Christmas Canteen poster

Christmas Fundraising – we took part in the Peebles Charity Christmas Market, and also held our own event: the Christmas Shopper’s Canteen. That was an all-day event serving Christmas muffins and coffee in the morning, and then soup and sandwiches at lunchtime. Along with this, there was an array of craft stalls to purchase locally made gifts suitable for Christmas presents. Between these events, over £1,200 was raised for the building fund. It is notable that at our fundraising, everyone pitches in – both regular attenders and members, but also friends of our church.

Green Pastures Hospital Pastoral Care Centre, Nepal

We made a commitment at the outset of the building project that we would tithe (give 10% away) from our monies raised at events. This money has been used to support the re-building of schools and a hospital chapel in Nepal which were damaged in the earthquakes of 2017. More recently, our tithe goes to support a community building project in Kibera, East Africa’s largest slum, and to a local Baptist church in Denniston Glasgow. To date we have managed to tithe £6145.

Kibera, Kenya