Ladies Who Lunch

Ladies who lunchThis is a bi-monthly get together of ladies of any age. It should be emphasised that we are not restricted to eating. We chat, laugh and generally socialise!! An outreach opportunity exists in that some members occasionally bring friends and relatives and this adds stimulus.

The general outline is that we visit a different venue on each outing. These tend to be a bit further afield in the good weather and closer to home in lesser climatic conditions. The cost is individual – you pay for exactly what you choose to consume (plus a little contribution towards a tip).

The splendid transport facility of the local community bus (“Tweed Wheels”) is used by us. This accommodates 14 people and those using it contribute to the costs on the day. This frees up the regular drivers of our number who can then be free of that responsibility and join us in even more fun and banter whilst travelling. Anyone wishing to use private transport is very free to do so and some regularly do.

Smallest group number has been five and the largest twenty one thus far. All size groups offer different opportunities and in no way measure success or otherwise.