Magazine Survey 2014

PBC Magazine Survey

We’d really like to know what people think about the PBC magazine. Please take a few minutes to fill in the survey below so that we can make it better! It would be really helpful if everyone who reads the magazine would fill in the questionnaire - if you'd rather fill it in on paper, there are additional paper copies of the survey available at church.

Please complete the survey by Sunday 14th December.

Q1.     What format do you get the magazine in?

Q2.     We’ve recently changed from producing the magazine every month, to every two months. Is that:

Q3.     How do you feel about the following regular features in the magazine (where 4 stars is "really good" and 1 star is "waste of space")

Q4.     What do you think should be the purpose of the magazine?

Q5.     What else would you like to see in the magazine? What’s missing? (Use your imagination!)

Q6.     Are you a regular part of the Peebles Baptist Church family?

Q7.     Any other comments?