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Doctor’s Report 10: Zacchaeus

Doctor's Report 10: Zacchaeus

Many people remember the story of Zacchaeus from their children’s Bible story books – the wee little man who climbed a tree to see Jesus. Today we’re taking a fresh look at his story to see what we might have missed.


Doctor’s Report 9: Love… just because

Doctor's Report 9: Love... just because

The concept of democracy would be hard to ignore at the moment, given all that’s going on in the run up to the referendum on Scottish Independence. But what’s behind that concept? Is it a purely philosophical concept, or does the Bible have anything to say about it? We’ll see what Jesus has to say [ more… ]


Doctor’s Report 8: Jesus is Coming!

Doctor's Report 8: Jesus is Coming!

As we continue our series looking at Luke’s gospel – the investigation into the life of Jesus written by a first century physician – we’ve reached chapter 12. Jesus has been teaching the crowds about how we manage our time, skills and possessions. Now from verse 35 he talks about how the time is coming [ more… ]


Doctor’s Report 7: One Thing

Doctor's Report 7: One Thing

What’s the secret to life? What’s the one thing that we need to stick to, to make sense of everything? That’s the question facing two women in our passage today. We’re in the middle of a series looking at Luke’s account of the life of Jesus, and today we’ve reached Luke 10, where Jesus drops [ more… ]


Doctor’s Report 6: Setting your face

Doctor’s Report 6: Setting your face

Luke 9:51 begins the central section of the book, and hinges around a critical decision by Jesus to go to Jerusalem. That choice was about far more than just the next stop on his itinerary – it was Jesus setting his priorities and sticking to them. What are the implications of that choice for us?


Doctor’s Report 5: Sending out…

Doctor’s Report 5: Sending out...

Today’s passage from Luke’s account of the life of Jesus isn’t one that would appear on many people’s “favourite stories” list – so why did Luke spend nine verses telling us about what happened when Jesus sent out the 12 disciples?


Doctor’s Report 4: Who touched me?

Doctor’s Report 4: Who touched me?

We’re in a series looking at the reports of a doctor called Luke into the life and times of Jesus Christ – we know it better today as “Luke’s Gospel”. Today we’re at Luke 8, where an anxious father is hoping that Jesus will come to see his dangerously sick daughter.


Doctor’s Report 3: How to Judge

Doctor's Report 3: How to Judge

According to a recent survey, the most common negative perception people have about Christians is that they are judgemental. What does Jesus have to say about that subject?


Doctor’s Report 2: Change of Plans

Doctor's Report 2: Change of Plans

In our series following the reports into Jesus’ life by Doctor Luke, we have reached Luke 5, where Jesus encounters Simon (together with his fishing partners, James and John), and unexpectedly gives them all a masterclass in their own profession. Or is it a lesson about something else entirely?


Doctor’s Report 1: Manifesto

Doctor's Report 1: Manifesto

A first century physician by the name of Luke carried out an orderly investigation into the life of Jesus. The result was two books, the first of which we know as Luke’s Gospel, and the second is the Acts of the Apostles. As we follow Luke’s reports, we begin this week in Luke 4, where [ more… ]