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Songs of Christmas

Songs of Christmas: Simeon’s Song

Songs of Christmas: Simeon's Song

Waiting is a hard thing to do. Simeon was a man who spent his whole life waiting for the Saviour he expected God to send. Today we’re  concluding our series, “Songs of Christmas” with a look at Simeon’s Song, and how the result of Simeon’s long wait was an invasion of earth by heaven.


Songs of Christmas: Zechariah’s Song

Songs of Christmas: Zechariah's Song

Today we’re continuing our Advent teaching series looking at some of the very first songs inspired by the birth of Jesus. Last week we looked at Mary’s song, sometimes called the Magnificat, and today we’re looking at a song with an equally strange Latin name, the Benedictus. That’s the song from Zechariah, an elderly priest [ more… ]


Songs of Christmas: Mary’s Song

Songs of Christmas: Mary's Song

As we start Advent, the season of waiting for the coming of the King, we’re starting a new teaching series today called “Songs of Christmas”. There’s something about Christmas which seems to inspire people of every generation to write songs – some are moving, some are funny, some are ridiculously cheesy. But during this series [ more… ]