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John 9:1-41 Jesus heals a Man born Blind


John 8:21- 59 Jesus Reveals the Bigger Picture, beyond the veil


John 8:1-20 The Woman defended by Jesus!

Jesus is put on trial, put to the test, but in a situation where many are seeking conflict from a position of power, Jesus does not rise to their challange, but still, they walk away!


John 7 : Jesus reveals Himself

Who does Jesus say He is?


John 6:22 -71: Jesus is the Bread of Life


John 6:1-21 Jesus feeds the 5000 and walks on water

It’s not about what we bring, it is about what Jesus can do!


Easter Sunday: Christ is Risen

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Martin Hodson, General Director of the Baptist Union of Scotland. Here he sharesd a dramatic retelling the Ressurection of Jesus Christ from the perspective of the women.


Palm Sunday: What was Jesus Thinking?

When Jesus rode the donkey, when the crowd gathered around Him, when He looked upon Jerusalem knowing what was coming, just what was Jesus thinking?


Exodus 3 and 4 God Calls Moses

After a few acts of bravado the young Moses had run away to the desert. There he married, had children and became a shepherd, until God called to him. Was Moses the right man for God? Just what was God looking for?


Genesis 2

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