7 Letters: 1 – Ephesus (Losing your first love)

October 5, 2014



7 letters 1 - Ephesus


What if Jesus came to visit our church, and gave us a report card based on what he found? That’s exactly what he did to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia, and the report cards he wrote to them are all shown in the first three chapters of Revelation. We’re starting a new series today looking at those reports, those short letters to the seven churches, and we’ll be seeing what Jesus has to say to them so that we can make any necessary changes and avoid dangers ourselves.

The first church is Ephesus, who appeared to be doing a great job – except for one critical factor.

Bible References

  • Revelation 1:9 - 20
  • Revelation 2:1 - 7
  • Acts 20:18 - 31