So, you think you know Jonah?

July 19, 2020


‘Everyone’ knows the story of Jonah; children still hear the story and often as adults we remember it with some fondness. Jonah, the man who tried to run away, the many who was swallowed by a great fish, the man who eventually obeyed. Jonah the moaner! A source of fun and one of the easier Old Testament stories to remember (and the only prophet other than Daniel that we talk to our children about!) Yet, there is another side to the story of Jonah that is over-looked, a darker side that if we were honest would change the whole story and possibly our opinion of him. However, it is not revealed until Chapter 4! Sometimes reading a book backwards changes the whole story – but is the book really about Jonah at all?

Bible References

  • Jonah 3:10 - 4:11