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Community Garden projects in Peebles seem to be like buses – you wait ages for one, and then several turn up all at once.


The famous apple coring / peeling / slicing machine

Leaving aside the Peebles CAN project for the moment (because we’ll hopefully hear lots about that in the near future), TweedGreen and New Horizons Borders were launching their Secret Garden yesterday, and we shared a press release and publicity with them to tell people about a Big Dig weekend. Sunday was our day, and although the weather wasn’t quite as bright as it had been on the Saturday we still got an enthusiastic turnout of diggers, rakers, spreaders and planters, ably supported and cheered on by face painters, apple corers, tea makers and balloon launchers!


Battalion Headquarters


Keep raking…


Margaret J, our longest serving member, plants the first potato

The physical end result by 4pm was a potato patch that was level and ready for planting, with 5 rows of first crop tatties in and plenty more waiting in the wings. Meanwhile the “shallow” side of the plot can get some wild flower seeds soon, although the other two sides will take a bit more work to get ready.

However, the real result was that the King’s Meadow is beginning to feel like a real community garden, and many more members of the church are beginning to catch the excitement of what’s going on.

You can find more pictures of the event here.

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