Posted by Ian Gray

IMG_20130923_170310 webAfter our last article in the Peeblesshire News, we had a phone call from John Irving of Advance Construction. They had five large raised beds which had been built for a development up in Edinburgh, but had gone unused. Would we like them, he asked, for £250? Two of us went up to have a look at them, and they’re huge – built like tanks! It turns out these things cost £1000 each to make – but when we got there John had a surprise waiting for us. His boss, Advance’s local director Keiran Logue, was offering them to us for free!  Very many thanks.

The new beds were delivered today, and are sitting in a great pile waiting for us to plan exactly where they’ll go. These will be (literally!) a huge bonus for us as we try to manage a garden on a plot with no topsoil!IMG_20130923_170320 web