Posted by Ian Gray

Tools galore Had a phone call this morning, from a lovely lady offering us about a gazillion hand tools for use in the King’s Meadow. She’d read about the garden in the PBC Newsletter that’s just gone out around the South side of Peebles, and saw our request for tools. We’re hoping to get groups like Brownies and Cubs involved in the garden, and those tools will be absolutely brilliant for them to use.

But where to store them? More good news, with impeccable timing – we’ve been given a metal shed by someone in the church, which will be perfect.

Thanks, Katrina and Jennifer!

If you’re reading this and you have anything that the King’s Meadow could use – garden tools, hoses, watering cans, wood for beds, benches or tables, slates, slabs… please do get in touch.Jennifer's shed

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