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Heaven Calling: 3 – Servants’ Entrance

Heaven Calling: 3 – Servants' Entrance

How do you feel about being a servant? We’re back in our series “Heaven Calling”, looking at the idea that everyone on the planet has been Called by God. The third aspect of our calling is to be a servant – not a very politically correct idea these days, and yet that’s exactly the image [ more… ]


Heaven Calling: 2 – Happy Families

Heaven Calling: 2 – Happy Families

The need to belong is one of our most basic human instincts. As we continue our series “Heaven Calling”, today we’re looking at how God calls us not only to be, but to belong, and provides us with a family to belong to that is guaranteed not to change or disappear.


Heaven Calling: 1 – What’s in a name?

Heaven Calling: 1 - What's in a name?

Isn’t it irritating when someone writes to you and gets your name wrong? We know instinctively that names are more than just labels – they’re important to our identity. In the Bible they’re often even more important than that – God uses names of people to reveal important truths and characteristics about them. We’re thinking [ more… ]


Doctor’s Report 2: Change of Plans

Doctor's Report 2: Change of Plans

In our series following the reports into Jesus’ life by Doctor Luke, we have reached Luke 5, where Jesus encounters Simon (together with his fishing partners, James and John), and unexpectedly gives them all a masterclass in their own profession. Or is it a lesson about something else entirely?


Breakfast with Jesus

Breakfast with Jesus

Celebrity Cooks are hugely popular today – but they’re nothing new… One morning Jesus did a masterclass on cooking breakfast for his disciples – having provided the ingredients in the first place!