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Heaven Calling: 1 – What’s in a name?

Heaven Calling: 1 - What's in a name?

Isn’t it irritating when someone writes to you and gets your name wrong? We know instinctively that names are more than just labels – they’re important to our identity. In the Bible they’re often even more important than that – God uses names of people to reveal important truths and characteristics about them. We’re thinking [ more… ]


Grow! 1 – The Sword of the Spirit

Grow! 1 - The Sword of the Spirit

How skilled are you with a sword? The Bible – the Sword of the Spirit – is the primary weapon God has given us, and it’s also the foundation for growth in our relationship with God.


Doctor’s Report 6: Setting your face

Doctor’s Report 6: Setting your face

Luke 9:51 begins the central section of the book, and hinges around a critical decision by Jesus to go to Jerusalem. That choice was about far more than just the next stop on his itinerary – it was Jesus setting his priorities and sticking to them. What are the implications of that choice for us?