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Epiphany 3 – Party Time

Epiphany 3 – Party Time

Today is the third Sunday in Epiphany! That may not be a phrase you might expect to hear in a Baptist church, but for the last two weeks we’ve been looking at the ancient church festival of Epiphany, where we remember how Jesus was revealed. Today, we’re going with Jesus to a wedding!  


Epiphany 2 – Defining Moments

Epiphany 2 - Defining Moments

What are some of the defining moments in your life – those points after which nothing was quite the same again? One of the defining moments in Jesus’ life was his baptism – which was an odd thing since he had no sins to be washed clean of!


Epiphany 1 – Expect the Unexpected

Epiphany 1 - Expect the Unexpected

Today is the first Sunday in Epiphany! (Epi who?) It’s not a festival that many people are familiar with these days, especially in the UK – but in former days this was one of the most important Christian feast days! So what’s it about, what was the big deal, and what are we missing? (Apologies [ more… ]