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Good News

Breakout: 3 – Whole Healing

Breakout: 3 - Whole Healing

Being a beggar in first century Jerusalem was not good news. Even less so if you were unable to walk. But thanks to the Holy Spirit, Peter and John were about to change all that, for one man at least. We’ve reached Acts 3 in our series “Breakout”.


Upside Down: 2 – The Best News Ever

Upside Down: 2 - The Best News Ever

We’re starting a new teaching series looking at the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ radical and completely counter-cultural words found in Matthew chapters 5-7. That famous sermon is widely acknowledged to be deeply influential – it has been read by more people, studied by more scholars, quoted by more writers, and has changed more lives [ more… ]


Flesh: 2 – Bad News Good News

Flesh: 2 - Bad News Good News

This is the third week of Advent – the season of preparation and waiting for Christmas and the coming of Immanuel, God with us. We’re continuing a series today taking a fresh look at what God meant – in the context of Jesus’ birth and life – when he used that phrase, and what it [ more… ]


Vital Signs: Good News!

Vital Signs: Good News!

If we’re really a healthy church, we’re going to be Good News to be around…