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Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 125 – Security

Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 125 - Security

Hidden in this Old Testament Psalm we find the New Testament promise that – through Jesus – the Church is secure.  The physical security that the people of Israel found in Jerusalem, is transformed through faith into the security of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Haggai: 4 – Kingdom Promise

Haggai: 4 - Kingdom Promise

Today is our last look at the messages of the Old Testament prophet Haggai, who encouraged the people of Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple after the return from exile in Babylon. Unlike the previous messages, this last one is directed at one specific individual – Zerubbabel, the governor of Jerusalem.


Flesh 8: God at Work?

Flesh 8: God at Work?

How do I do “God’s work” in my everyday job or situation? That’s the question we’re looking at today as we continue our series called “Flesh”, about the relevance and implications of incarnation for us – and the community we live in – today.


Doctor’s Report 5: Sending out…

Doctor’s Report 5: Sending out...

Today’s passage from Luke’s account of the life of Jesus isn’t one that would appear on many people’s “favourite stories” list – so why did Luke spend nine verses telling us about what happened when Jesus sent out the 12 disciples?


Hope in the City

Hope in the City

Today is the last in our series looking at the idea of “Hope” in the Bible, as something that we can have real confidence in. Last time we thought about what that hope means right now – but what about the future? We’re going to look today at what we can really hope for at [ more… ]