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Breakout: 12 – After God’s Heart

Breakout: 12 - After God's Heart

John looks at the beginning of Paul’s first missionary journey, in Acts 13.


Breakout: 11 – Christians First

Breakout: 11 – Christians First

As we reach the end of the first half of the book of Acts, we find a collection of short episodes: the start of the church in Antioch, and Barnabas and then Paul going to work with them; a prophecy about the famine which was going to be affecting the Roman world and how the [ more… ]


Breakout: 9 – Unlikely

Breakout: 9 - Unlikely

God’s choices are often remarkably unlikely – rarely more so than the person he chose to be one of the most influential people in the history of the church, as we see in Acts 9.


No Answer: 2 – When God won’t co-operate

No Answer: 2 - When God won't co-operate

What happens when we’re praying about something really important, something that really means a lot to us, but God won’t give us what we’re asking for? That’s what the apostle Paul experienced.


Extraordinary Nobodies: 3 – Two Scared Men, No Horse

Extraordinary Nobodies: 3 – Two Scared Men, No Horse

We’re in a teaching series looking at some of the many “extraordinary nobodies” in the Bible – people who only get a passing mention, but who we can really learn a lot from. Today we’re looking at two men, one of whom was historically very much a somebody, but only because of the actions of [ more… ]