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No Answer: 3 – When God is Late

No Answer: 3 - When God is Late

Why doesn’t God do something about that? It’s a question that frustrates all of us at times – whatever “that” might be. Why is it that sometimes God doesn’t do what we expect him to do, given what we know about his love, his mercy, his character? And if he doesn’t, can we still trust [ more… ]


No Answer: 2 – When God won’t co-operate

No Answer: 2 - When God won't co-operate

What happens when we’re praying about something really important, something that really means a lot to us, but God won’t give us what we’re asking for? That’s what the apostle Paul experienced.


No Answer: 1 – When God doesn’t pay attention

No Answer: 1 - When God doesn’t pay attention

We often talk about how God answers our prayers. But what happens when he doesn’t? What about those times when it seems God just isn’t paying attention, or doesn’t want to co-operate, or is late? Is it our fault – are we doing something wrong? That’s the theme of our new series starting today.


Prayer: What’s it all about?

Prayer: What's it all about?

The instinct to pray is surprisingly common, not just to Christians, or even to people of other faiths. Even people who would say they have no faith admit to praying sometimes! But to be honest, prayer (and how it works) can be really confusing. Today we’re going to take a fresh look at prayer. What’s [ more… ]


Extraordinary Nobodies: 4 – Ultimate Nobody

Extraordinary Nobodies: 4 – Ultimate Nobody

Lionel looks at the parable of the Unjust Judge.


Inside Out: 12 – Teach us to Pray

Inside Out: 12 – Teach us to Pray

Surveys show that a remarkably high percentage of people admit to praying, at least occasionally. Perhaps for some of us, we’re really unsure about how to pray. What do I say? What do I pray about? How does this whole thing work? While for others of us, perhaps those of us who have been Christians [ more… ]


Inside Out: 11 – How not to Pray

Inside Out: 11 - How not to Pray

As we continue our series looking at the Sermon on the Mount, in today’s passage Jesus is talking about Prayer. Of course we pray together when we meet for services and prayer meetings – but how do we pray when we on our own with God? Do we pray at all – or if we [ more… ]


Nehemiah pt 2: What is it that you want?

Nehemiah pt 2: What is it that you want?

Last week we started a series journeying through the book of Nehemiah. Even though he was a Jewish exile in Babylon, Nehemiah’s highly successful career had placed him in a senior position in the King’s palace. But having heard of the desolate condition of Jerusalem, Nehemiah was prepared to put both his career and his [ more… ]


Acts part 4: Bold

Acts part 4: Bold

The “simple” healing at the beginning of chapter 3 gives rise to another opportunity to tell people about Jesus, which nearly sets off a riot and (by chapter 4) gets Peter and John arrested. When they get out by the skin of their teeth, how does the rest of the church react? Unfortunately there is [ more… ]




We’ve been doing a lot of praying recently – and there’ll be plenty more in the weeks and months to come! So this morning we’re going to be talking about what prayer is exactly – why do we do it? What’s the point? How should we do it, and how can we get better at [ more… ]

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