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Haggai: 1 – Kingdom Priorities

Haggai: 1 - Kingdom Priorities

We’re starting a new series today looking at one of the shortest books in the Bible – blink, and you’ll miss it! Haggai was a prophet who brought God’s challenge to the people of Jerusalem when the temple lay in ruins. What does he have to say to us today?


Doctor’s Report 7: One Thing

Doctor's Report 7: One Thing

What’s the secret to life? What’s the one thing that we need to stick to, to make sense of everything? That’s the question facing two women in our passage today. We’re in the middle of a series looking at Luke’s account of the life of Jesus, and today we’ve reached Luke 10, where Jesus drops [ more… ]


Doctor’s Report 6: Setting your face

Doctor’s Report 6: Setting your face

Luke 9:51 begins the central section of the book, and hinges around a critical decision by Jesus to go to Jerusalem. That choice was about far more than just the next stop on his itinerary – it was Jesus setting his priorities and sticking to them. What are the implications of that choice for us?