Posted by Ian Gray

Big digger!

We’ve got our topsoil! We owe a huge thank you to Alasdair, site manager at Taylor Wimpey’s Kingsmeadows development, and to Graham Irvine for providing the transport, for no less than 40 tonnes of soil, which arrived on site this morning. Quite what the neighbours must have made of it at 8 o’clock on a Friday morning I don’t know.


It’s all just in time for the Big Dig this weekend – or, as it may now be more appropriately called, the Big Rake! The driver of the (monster-sized) transport was able to deposit the soil with remarkable evenness and accuracy just where we needed it along the 3 sides of the plot, but even so it will take a good bit of levelling out. Bring your rakes on Sunday!

Pouring the topsoil

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