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Heaven Calling: 5 – All Present & Correct (part B)

Heaven Calling: 5 – All Present & Correct (part B)

Today we’re finishing our series “Heaven Calling” by looking in detail at some more of the Gifts of the Spirit – “God-given abilities which enables believers to effectively serve the body of Christ” – including the controversial and often misunderstood ones of Prophecy and Speaking in Tongues.


Heaven Calling: 4 – All Present & Correct (part A)

Heaven Calling: 4 - All Present & Correct (part A)

Do you get excited when you get a gift? (If not, what’s wrong with you?!) God has chosen the perfect gift for each person in the church; the strange thing is that many of us don’t know what we’re supposed to do with our gift, others don’t try to use it, and some of us [ more… ]


Heaven Calling: 3 – Servants’ Entrance

Heaven Calling: 3 – Servants' Entrance

How do you feel about being a servant? We’re back in our series “Heaven Calling”, looking at the idea that everyone on the planet has been Called by God. The third aspect of our calling is to be a servant – not a very politically correct idea these days, and yet that’s exactly the image [ more… ]


Whose Shepherd Are You?

Whose Shepherd Are You?

Sheep and shepherds are one of the most common images in the Bible – they’re referred to over 200 times. Today we’re taking a look at the duties of shepherding…


Haggai: 1 – Kingdom Priorities

Haggai: 1 - Kingdom Priorities

We’re starting a new series today looking at one of the shortest books in the Bible – blink, and you’ll miss it! Haggai was a prophet who brought God’s challenge to the people of Jerusalem when the temple lay in ruins. What does he have to say to us today?


Love One Another

Love One Another

Today we’re thinking about love – God’s love for us, his command for us to love one another, and what all that really means in practice. Easy to say – and actually it’s supposed to be pretty easy to do too. So why do we try to make it complicated and difficult in our minds?


Vital Signs: Service

Vital Signs: Service