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Lionel Gibbs

John 8:21- 59 Jesus Reveals the Bigger Picture, beyond the veil


John 7 : Jesus reveals Himself

Who does Jesus say He is?


John 6:1-21 Jesus feeds the 5000 and walks on water

It’s not about what we bring, it is about what Jesus can do!


Exodus 3 and 4 God Calls Moses

After a few acts of bravado the young Moses had run away to the desert. There he married, had children and became a shepherd, until God called to him. Was Moses the right man for God? Just what was God looking for?


Lent Begins: Genesis 1

Although Lent does not begin till Wednesday, this year our Lenten series begins with a look at Genesis and the world as God intended and then consider what went wrong that lead to Jesus having to come and sacrifice Himself for us. As we approach Easter our language borrows much from the story of the [ more… ]


John 5:1-15

John 5 begins with the curious story of the man who has been lame for 38 years. with no one to help him, Jesus finds him and heals him. The man who has been excluded from worship and the festivities for 38 years because of his illness, quickly goes to the Temple and nearly finds [ more… ]


Matthew 2

Outside of the Crucifixion there are few texts in the New Testament that are as difficult to read as Herod’s slaughter of the Innocent. Jesus’ birth was not the romanticised picture that we often se in nativity scenes. If any passage brings home the reality of why Jesus had to come it is this one!


I am not the Messiah, John the Baptist sends his Disciples after Jesus

The testimony of John in John 1:19-51 begin with these words. In todays sermon we see how it is the Lord who bids us to come and see, but we also ask, who or what do we seek!


In the Beginning…the Word

John does not begin his retelling of the Gospel on a hillside, or a manger or with Kings and wise men, but before it all began. John begins at The Beginning, when Jesus already was. What this then means that the one who created all chose to become flesh and became an infant means all [ more… ]


The Holy Spirit: Look at the Fruit

Paul is defending the freedom and liberty that is found in Christ, but also instructs us to examine ourselves, to sow to the Spirit and not to the Flesh

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