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John Dalrymple

John 6:22 -71: Jesus is the Bread of Life


Genesis 2


Luke 2

John continues the Christmas story by looking at the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. Described as a crossroads where the fulfilment of the Old Covenant is begun in the New.


Jesus Clears the Temple

John considers the unchallenged authority of Jesus as He clears the Temple of all distractions from God, noting Jesus use of force!


Jesus’ first sign: Water into Wine

John explores what it is about water being turned into wine that encourages to believe that Jesus is the Christ. What does Jesus turning water into wine reveal about Himself and why he has come?


The Holy Spirit in the Trinity

John begins with a rendition of  Love and Marriage, love and Marriage go together like a horse and carriage, you can’t have one without the other. And so it is with the Holy Spirit….   There was a problem with the recording so attached is a copy of John’s ‘script’


Breakout: 12 – After God’s Heart

Breakout: 12 - After God's Heart

John looks at the beginning of Paul’s first missionary journey, in Acts 13.


A Tale of Two Yokes

A Tale of Two Yokes

John explores two very different images of a yoke in the Bible – one very harsh yoke from the book of Deuteronomy, and the other promised by Jesus to be an easy yoke.


John unpacks the uncomfortable challenge of Isaiah 58, and the danger of pretending to be one thing with our professed belief while living out something else entirely.


Held in the arms…

Held in the arms...

On the Sunday after Christmas Day, John Dalrymple reflects on Jesus being held in the arms of his mother, and how he subsequently offers to hold us in his own arms.

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