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Standalone Sermon

So, you think you know Jonah?

‘Everyone’ knows the story of Jonah; children still hear the story and often as adults we remember it with some fondness. Jonah, the man who tried to run away, the many who was swallowed by a great fish, the man who eventually obeyed. Jonah the moaner! A source of fun and one of the easier [ more… ]


Jesus and Faith

Jesus and Faith

We’ve been delighted to have Dr Scott Wilson, Missions Mobilization Team Leader of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico, in Peebles with a team from New Mexico. Scott is our guest speaker this morning. Jesus responds to our faith in him. In fact, without faith, it is impossible to please him. Many people around us [ more… ]


Psalm 88: Spiritual Depression

Psalm 88: Spiritual Depression

How are you? Really? Most people’s response to the first question is usually ‘fine, thanks’. If we’re honest most people are just being polite, saying hello. We’ve all seen the look on someone’s face as the person they ask starts to pour out their heart to them and they don’t know what to do. God [ more… ]


Come to Me…

Come to Me...

We’re in the mood for celebrations today! It’s our birthday as a church – 130 years of Baptist witness in Peebles (as well as 150 years of the Baptist Union of Scotland). Everyone is invited to the prayer event this afternoon, but this morning we’re thinking about a different invitation, to something even better!


Trusting God when you don’t understand him

Trusting God when you don't understand him

The prophet Habbakuk wrestles with a common problem we face: how do we respond to God when he does things we just don’t understand?


Stress Bunny

Stress Bunny

Life in the modern world is full of pressures, deadlines, stresses, and fears about what we have, or need, or will need tomorrow, or what will happen. Actually, that doesn’t seem to be any different to what life was like in the 19th century, or the 15th, or… ever! Jesus recognised the problem 2000 years [ more… ]


Who is this God?

Who is this God?

Who is this God that we serve? In one sense, it seems almost pointless even trying to work it out, because by definition God is so utterly beyond our experience and our understanding. And yet, he has chosen to reveal himself in different and unexpected ways. So even if what we can see is the [ more… ]


Prayer: What’s it all about?

Prayer: What's it all about?

The instinct to pray is surprisingly common, not just to Christians, or even to people of other faiths. Even people who would say they have no faith admit to praying sometimes! But to be honest, prayer (and how it works) can be really confusing. Today we’re going to take a fresh look at prayer. What’s [ more… ]


Psalm 27

Psalm 27

What’s your biggest fear in life? Not many of us could match David (shepherd, songwriter, soldier, and king) for a life packed full of things to be quite legitimately terrified about – and yet David was able to write in Psalm 27, “why should I be afraid?” What gave him such confidence, and what can [ more… ]


A Tale of Two Yokes

A Tale of Two Yokes

John explores two very different images of a yoke in the Bible – one very harsh yoke from the book of Deuteronomy, and the other promised by Jesus to be an easy yoke.

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