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Steel Framed Building

We have been working with our architect (Ranald Boydell, from Galashiels) to come up with a design for a building that is long-lasting and fit for purpose, but that is also more cost-effective and quick to build than traditional brick or stone buildings.

The structure we’re working with is a metal-framed commercial building (put simply, a barn!), which can be fitted out suitably inside, and clad to blend in with the environment externally.

Because of the latest flood survey calculations, SBC will require that the building is raised significantly from the lowest level on our land. We’re doing this by using “stilts”, and we’re going to be putting the space underneath to good use for car and bicycle parking, as well as a garden store and publicly accessible toilet.



This type of building has the further advantage that it is easy to build in phases, by simply adding extra “frames” along its length. Our plan is to build in two or three different phases, as shown on the plan, depending on the costs involved at each stage.

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